For those involved in charitable activities, fund raising and donations, a particularly appreciated feature of blockchain is its ability to accurately monitor where individual cents donated by individuals or companies end up.


A rather common complaint for those who have little trust in NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) is the inefficiency in the management of funds, coupled with the massive and widespread corruption, which often prevents the money paid from actually reaching the needy.

Benefit agencies that use Bitcoin technology, such as the BitGive foundation, offer the guarantee of a safer and more transparent management of the donations obtained and have seen a significant increase in the amount of funds raked up precisely because of the possibility offered to donors to track easy the path of the money forfeited and spent.


Chartiy Wall is an Italian start-up that tracks donations: "Never again scams against benefactors".
Donations to the third sector show the generosity of Italians who each year pay over € 9 billion to over 330,000 non-profit institutions. One in four even receives more than 600 thousand euros a year. Yet, very often, none of the benefactors know where his savings really end up.