Healthcare institutions suffer from the chronic inability to securely share data between different platforms and institutions.


A better collaboration between data providers means, in essence, a greater probability of making accurate diagnoses, a greater likelihood of opting for effective treatments and, more generally, an increase in the overall capacity of health systems to provide good care.


Blockchains applied to the health sector allow hospitals, tax payers and other health facilities to share access to their networks without compromising data security and integrity.


The startup Gem has launched Gem Health Network, a platform based on distributed registries (and Ethereum opense peer-to-peer project, in particular) in combination with multi-signature and multi-factor authentication technology to create a universal data infrastructure highly secure.


Tierion is another startup that has developed a platform for storing and verifying data in the healthcare sector. Gem and Tierion have both partnered with Philips Healthcare and Tierion a few weeks ago also with Microsoft.