Investing in the athletes' career potential and sporting merits was generally the prerogative of agencies, betting sites or sports attorneys. Blockchains could allow the decentralization of an athlete's career financing process to make it more democratic.


Therefore, it will be possible for fans and supporters of a basketball star to buy a financial stake that is revalued (or depreciated) over time in relation to the performance, career paths and performance of one's champion of heart.


The Jetcoin Institute, for example, has promoted the idea of ​​a currency in digital format (in this case, it is called "Jetcoin") with which fans can invest in their favorite athletes, obtaining in return the possibility of receiving a part of the their future earnings, as well as a VIP treatment - upgrades of their stadium passes, party access and exclusive events - Jetcoin has already experienced this approach in our country, thanks to a partnership signed with the Hellas Verona football team.