One of the most interesting aspects of blockchain technology is that it allows for safer and more transparent control of operations.


Supply and supply chains are basically a series of transactional nodes that allow products to be transferred and moved from the factory to the point of sale.


Thanks to this technology, in fact the transactions between the various operators of a supply chain (from production to sale) can be documented in a decentralized register thus reducing transcription costs, delays and possible human errors.


Several startups operating in the distributed ledger sector are experiencing the benefits of the applications of this technology to Supply Chain Management.


The London based Provenance, for example, has developed a traceability system for materials and products globally.


The American Fluent offers an alternative platform for the management of loans and loans along the supply chain (Supply Chain Finance) that uses the technology of tokenisation of invoices. Finally,


California-based Skuchain builds blockchain based solutions for collaborative B2B commerce and the logistics market.