Only about 15% of Italians make a will, unlike countries like Great Britain (80%) or the USA (50%).


Wills are a specific type of contract and this makes them particularly suitable for benefiting from the greater value offered by smart contract and blockchain technologies.


The legal adviser of Blockchain Technologies, Eric Dixon, states that "most of the disputes related to wills refer to the proof of the real, concrete, willing will of the person who drafted the will".


If it is true that the use of block chains will not completely eliminate these disputes, it will certainly make it easier to identify the information supported by concrete facts and, consequently, reject the conclusions that do not have a concrete foundation.


The connection of all the documents relating to the properties and rights enjoyed by a deceased person through the blockchains would give the testamentary executors access to a more reliable and verifiable data pool than the current systems, in which many paper documents from different environments they must be ordered and cataloged to determine their truthfulness.