In the engine of a technological start-up, the fuel that best supports and nurtures take-off is equity, equity capital. It is not the debt, it is not the bank loan, it is not the bond. And for a medium-small company that aims to expand and cross national borders, the best equity must also be sought on international price lists, starting from Europe.

To mark these two concepts, without "if" and without "but", Mediterraneo Blockchain accompanies the DLT-based companies towards Euronext, one of the largest exchanges in the world with a capitalization of 3,500 billion euros and 5,500 listed securities, 1,300 issuers of which 740 SMEs and of these, 330 in the technological sector. The first pan-European exchange, which already unites the markets of France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, Portugal and Belgium.

The challenge is ambitious: it aims to push companies beyond the listing on domestic lists, because the local stock exchanges are the natural starting point for a capital raising with quotation.

For the technology sector, the Mediterraneo Blockchain thesis is that internationalization is essential to be able to address the widest possible audience of specialized investors.

Euronext, whose business card is that of a European Nasdaq where it costs less to be quoted compared to the Nasdaq, now focuses on Italy precisely on technology - for example, companies specialized in DLT, AI, IOT, FINTECH-, because this sector has the greatest potential for expansion at this time of solid economic recovery in Europe and in Italy. And above all technology is the sector that most needs to finance itself through equity: "tech" companies do not generate cash in the early years of start-up, and they have to spend a lot of money before generating positive cash flow, and this risk is willing to run it an investor in search of high returns specialized in equity.


In Europe, these start-ups can be financed with a public contribution, but this is limited, or with private equity and venture capital, where however the Italian market is not very structured.


The alternative is therefore the listing on the Stock Exchange.
Euronext with its more than 330 tech companies listed on its lists is second only after the Nasdaq in the biotech sector on a world scale. The depth of the pool of international institutional investors to draw on is one of the strengths of Euronenext, born about twenty years ago: the SMEs of the tech market that must finance their growth are struggling in Italy with the venture capital to disintermediate the banking sector , the loan, the debt.

Euronext is not open to everyone. It is only accessible to companies willing to comply with European regulation regarding transparency, governance and dialogue with the market. Moreover, a SME that can aspire to the Euronext price list must have an adequate size: one of the chronic weaknesses of the Italian industrial fabric also emerges in this context, where small Italian companies are often
considered "micro" when seen from abroad, while medium-sized Italian companies have the size of small Europeans.

The Mediterraneo Blockchain's strong point towards Euronext is the so-called "unregulated" list, called Euronext Growth, accessible to Italian SMEs without any particular collection restrictions and indicated to raise capital between 5 and 20 million euro.


On the regulated Euronext segment, on the other hand, the constraints remain light: it is recommended for a raising of capital above 15 million, to guarantee liquidity.


There is, then, a third way, which is that of a very first "super-simplified" step inspired by the French "Marché libre", recently reformed and reorganized, without minimum amount and without a minimum capitalization: Access and Access +. particularly suited to the listing of startups.

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